Jacob’s Wish Story

Jacob, 11 (heart condition)    Jacob, 11 (heart condition) 

I wish to have gaming equipment to enjoy with my friends!   I wish to have gaming equipment to enjoy with my friends!

Jacob is a typical 11-year-old boy who loves to hang out with his friends and twin brother and play video games. He especially loves sports like basketball and football and video games like Rocket League and Fortnight.  

Jacob had to undergo open heart surgery to correct a defect in his heart, which required a lengthy hospital stay, away from his friends. His identical twin brother was with him every step of the way, even through this difficult surgery. 

Jacob’s wish for new gaming equipment was delivered slowly but surely with a new piece of equipment arriving daily!  Eventually, Jacob was set up with a computer, large screen TV, Playstation 5, controllers, special gaming chair, desk and more!  He not only plays with his brother but has reconnected with his friends who share his passion for gaming.  

“When my wish was granted, I was jumping for joy!” remarked Jacob. “It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you from the bottom of my fixed heart!