hunter bernicky

Hunter’s Story

Hunter, 6 (rare genetic disorder)   Hunter, 6 (rare genetic disorder)

I wish to have a backyard oasis   I wish to have a backyard oasis

Hunter’s health journey began before he was born. At only two-years-old, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Today, six-year-old Hunter relies on specific medication to deal with daily discomforts. He also receives varied therapy to help him tackle everyday tasks such as eating and walking. In particular, the family enjoys “play therapy,” a treatment that alleviates the pressures of moving for Hunter.  
In his play time, he loves spending time outdoors. That’s exactly why he wished to have a backyard oasis! In 2022, with thanks to community partners, Hunter’s backyard oasis came to life. It included a small trampoline, an oversized swing, and a playhouse suited to Hunter. As a final touch, he has a gazebo to end a long day of play relaxing.  

Hunter’s mom, Natasha, told us what the wish meant to her family. “Hunter’s wish will bring a lifetime of happiness for our boy, who has endured so much in his life thus far. I will forever be grateful for our little bit of ‘normal.'” For Hunter, his wish transformed his life. His backyard oasis wish means he can simply be a kid for once – without thoughts of medical issues or restrictions.