Elyanna’s story

Elyanna, 7 (cancer)   Elyanna, 7 (cancer)

I wish to have a French bulldog   I wish to have a French bulldog

Elyanna is a radiant young girl with a big heart who likes to be surrounded by the love of her family.

Unfortunately, Elyanna not only had to struggle with kidney cancer, but she also faced the loss of her grandmother. To face these difficult trials and fill the void left by her grandmother, Elyanna wanted to have a new best friend: a tiny being with four paws and a muzzle. Her wish was to have a French bulldog that she could play with, take care of, and love. She also wanted to spoil her dog with many mauve accessories (her favorite color), so her wish included a leash, harness, toys.

When she knew that her dream would come true, Elyanna was so moved that she couldn’t hold back tears of joy before wearing a big smile. When she went to choose her new pet, she fell in love with a little female she named Ahsoka, in reference to the Star Wars character who becomes a Jedi.

Holding Ahsoka in her arms while bringing her to her new home, Elyanna was very happy. “With Ahsoka, a real wave of love invaded the house. It was the greatest reward we could have after years of struggling with cancer. We feel very grateful”, says her mom, Marie-Danielle.