Ela, 4 (nervous system disorder)   Ela, 4 (nervous system disorder)

I wish to have a hot tub to relax!   I wish to have a hot tub to relax!

Four-year-old Ela is living with a nervous system disorder. Ela’s diagnosis makes her muscles stiff with spastic movements, and speech can be difficult. Ela relies on physical and occupational therapy and appointments with her speech-language pathologist to help treat her symptoms.  

Ela loves to be read to – especially animal books – and to visit art museums and shows! Ela is delighted when she can be in the water; she loves to swim and play at water parks. When Ela learned she could have a wish granted, she began to dream of having her own hot tub to help relieve the pain in her muscles.  

In 2022, Ela’s most heartfelt wish for a hot tub came true. Ela’s dad, Adam, reflects on what Ela’s wish means to her and himself, “Ela gets to relax, and she can have more freedom in her mobility.”