Claire Willier


Claire, age 11 (nervous system disorder)   Claire, age 11 (nervous system disorder)

I wish to have a hot tub   I wish to have a hot tub

Claire, or “Claire Bear” as she’s affectionately known, loves to swim in warm water either at a pool or in a tub. When she’s not in the water, she enjoys going for long walks, or riding along in her bike seat, and spends time watching YouTube on her tablet. She spends lots of time with her dogs Divet, and Bert.

Claire was diagnosed with chromosome translocation (a phenomenon that results in an unusual rearrangement of chromosomes) and has spastic quadriplegia, a type of cerebral palsy. To take in the sounds in the world around her, Claire relies on a hearing aid.

Through her love of the water, Claire’s special wish became clear: She wished for her own hot tub. Her wish came true with the help of the local fire department who even filled it up for her! Even on the coldest winter days, Claire has her own warm tub to relax in.

“Claire loves to relax and have fun in the hot tub,” said her mom, Melody. “She is so excited and happy when we are preparing to go in.” Her parents are so happy to see her smile, laugh and play in the water.