Chloe’s Wish Story

Chloe, 8 (congenital heart disease)   Chloe, 8 (congenital heart disease)

I wish to have a puppy    I wish to have a puppy 

Born prematurely, Chloe has been dealing with congenital heart disease throughout her young life in addition to other medical challenges like chronic lung disease and impaired hearing.   

A dog lover at heart, Chloe approaches every dog she meets and knows almost every dog in her neighbourhood. She loved her “big dog brother” Looney in the early years of her life. He was extremely gentle and always by her side, so it came as no surprise when she asked for a puppy to play and snuggle with for her wish.  

Chloe suspected something was up when wish day arrived because her usual schedule changed, but she was still surprised and thrilled to meet her new chocolate lab puppy. She immediately named her Brownie. Brownie came complete with all the necessities a puppy requires, including a comfortable bed, crate, collar, harness, bowls, toys, food, treats and more.  

Chloe now has another gentle companion by her side.