Cerise’s Story

Cerise (cancer), age 10   Cerise (cancer), age 10

Still wishing   Still wishing

Cerise was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in January 2020. She endured nine months of chemotherapy and an 18-hour surgery where they took out her right elbow joint and humerus up to her shoulder and replaced it with her left fibula bone. Following the time in a children’s hospital, Cerise lived in a rehab hospital for three months to rehabilitate her arm motion and to learn to walk again. Though the family is grateful for the success of the surgery, she has been left with limited range of motion in her arm, instability in her elbow, and weak legs. Cerise was a former competitive gymnast and now gymnastics will not be possible in its typical form as she cannot straighten or bear weight on her arm, which was very difficult for a young girl who’s identity was tied to being a gymnast.  

She is a creative girl who loves interior design, makeup & hair, clothing & fashion, dancing and making rainbow loom bracelets. Cerise’s wish was one of the thousands affected by COVID. Although she is still waiting for her wish, when asked what her wish meant she said, “this wish is a big deal for me and my family. It represents a celebration for me getting through the rotten year of treatment and surgeries and rehabilitation! I can’t wait for it to come true!”