Brandon’s Story

Brandon, wish granted 2022 (leukemia)   Brandon, wish granted 2022 (leukemia)

I wish to have a gaming computer!   I wish to have a gaming computer!

Brandon loves watching hockey and cheering on his favourite team, the Boston Bruins. He has a great sense of humour and enjoys watching comedy and action movies and gaming on his computer. Brandon was diagnosed with leukemia and has had to cope with difficult treatments. 

After finding out he was eligible for a wish, Brandon couldn’t wait to brainstorm ideas. His original wish was to visit Japan, but due Covid-19 restrictions, he had to reimagine his wish. The wish experience allowed Brandon to dream outside his day-to-day reality and it provided him with hope, even during the scariest times. Anticipating how his wish would unfold generated lots of excitement and was something positive to look forward to. 

After much deliberation, Brandon wished to have his very own gaming computer! Not only will his new custom computer system help him out with school, but he can also play his favourite video games!  

Brandon told us what his wish meant to him, “Words fail to describe how happy I am, now that I can play my video games without the old software I was using before. These games have helped me to unwind, which was much needed!” His mom, Nicole added, “Brandon’s wish allowed him to explore and believe during a time of fear, uncertainty and pain. He looked forward to the fact that wishes really do come true.”