Bethany’s Trailer Wish!

Bethany, 10  (Medical condition: brain tumor)   Bethany, 10 (Medical condition: brain tumor)

I wish to I wish to have a trailer   I wish to I wish to have a trailer

May, 2020   May, 2020

Bethany is a sweet 10-year-old girl who lives with brain tumors. Here’s an insight of her medical journey; she was a generally healthy child and rarely missed school due to any illness.  In the fall of 2018, the family’s world became one roller-coaster ride! Bethany started complaining about headaches that did not seem to go away and missed three days of school in two weeks.  Bethany became a frequent visitor at CHEO for numerous and what seemed like “never-ending” tests (CT scan, MRI and a 4-night stay at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit) and was later diagnosed with a low-grade pediatric brain tumor. Due to the complexity of her brain tumor, her case was then referred to The Hospital of Sick Children in Toronto where she eventually had her surgery in Aug 2019.  Bethany was put on anti-epiletic medication right after the diagnosis and it somewhat helped to manage the frequent headache and seizure (staring spells).  Although Bethany was in a physically and emotionally challenging time (lots of tears!), it did not put a damper on her love for school and her passion for ringette.  Bethany’s surgery last summer was a successful one. The neurosurgical team was able to resect the brain tumor completely.  The brain tumor was later confirmed to be ganglioglioma.  Bethany had a great recovery, and all her normal activities (ringette, school, gym class, swimming, outdoor recess including climbing monkey bar) were resumed in October 2019.  Bethany will be monitored by the pediatric neurological teams at CHEO and Sick Kids until she turns 18.

When we met Bethany for her first wish visit. She expressed very clearly that she wanted a trailer. Bethany wanted to go camping with her family in her very own mini house. 

On May 22, 2020, we surprised Bethany with the help her very close friends and family with her very own trailer! She was absolutely surprised and couldn’t hold back the tears of joy rolling down her cheek. Bethany has already planned her new camping adventures! There will be much needed family time spent in her trailer and many memories made.

Here are a few words “Bethany’s wish application was approved in June 2019. We still remember the big excited smile on her face after her interview or meet & greet with Make-A-Wish Foundation.   We can’t thank Make a Wish Foundation enough for granting a wish to Bethany.  This wish gave Bethany hope and joy and most importantly something exciting and positive for Bethany to look forward to.” Louisa and Joe -Bethany’s parents

Bethany had some words too “I am super happy that my wish came true! Thank you for the camping trailer!  My family and I can go to lots of places and have fun together.  We can now travel with our dogs and they no longer need to go to a babysitter when we are away!  This camping trailer is something we can all use for many many years.  Thank you Make-A-Wish Foundation!!” – Bethany

Thank you to Alexandria Camping Centre for adopting her wish and making this little 10-year-old wish come true!!