Kenlea’s Story

Kenlea (leukemia), age 6   Kenlea (leukemia), age 6

Still wishing   Still wishing

Kenlea is a kind-hearted six-year-old who loves dancing, singing and fishing. She is obsessed with Fancy Nancy and is in French Immersion. She enjoys cooking – using her big imagination to create unique recipes in her play kitchen and also helping make family meals.  

One month after Kenlea’s third birthday she developed a fever that lasted for three days. Her mom knew it was time to seek medical attention, and after four blood transfusions and a bone marrow biopsy Kenlea was diagnosed with leukemia. She started on a two-and-a-half year treatment protocol which consisted of chemotherapy (IV and oral) and steroid treatments.   

Since her diagnosis, Kenlea has had 326 procedures, including port insertion and removal.   

While Kenlea’s wish was one of the thousands impacted by COVID-19, her mom told us the importance of the wish journey and what it means to her: “Kenlea spent so much time in isolation, because of her diagnosis and then COVID. For our family it signifies the end of a very traumatic period and the beginning of a new phase!”