Benjamin’s Story 

Benjamin, 8 (cancer)   Benjamin, 8 (cancer)

I wish to go to Hawaii   I wish to go to Hawaii

Like most eight-year-olds, Benjamin enjoys a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. His many interests range from sports to video games to adventures. He’s an avid Edmonton Oilers hockey fan who loves cheering for his team. He also likes playing his favourite team in NHL video games.  

Benjamin was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumour, a rare kidney cancer usually affecting children. He’s undergone surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. His treatment is complete, and now he’s focused on returning to life as a busy kid.  

Benjamin has always wanted to visit a place with a white sandy beach, warm breezes and a turquoise ocean. With his once-in-a-lifetime trip fast approaching, Benjamin eagerly counts down the days until he can go boogie boarding and swim with dolphins!  

After undergoing a difficult medical journey, a vacation with his family to make new treasured memories will be life changing.