Aisha’s Story

Aisha, 7 (leukemia)   Aisha, 7 (leukemia)

I wish to go to my favourite Florida theme park   I wish to go to my favourite Florida theme park

At just 18 months old, Aisha was diagnosed with leukemia. With endless fevers and dark spots due to low platelets, Aisha and her family have spent years bravely facing her illness. After undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy and blood transfusions, Aisha is now a happy and healthy seven year old.

Aisha’s fragile state paired with the global pandemic have not only kept her from attending big family gatherings, but also from living her dream of going to her favourite Florida theme park. To get her through the toughest moments, Aisha found comfort and joy in watching other children online travel to Florida and meet their favourite theme park characters in person. Aisha is excited to finally get dolled up, put on her best dress, and be whisked away to Florida. She is constantly asking her parents how many more days until they get to fly out. Aisha is thrilled to go on this marvelous adventure with her family and looks forward to taking several photos throughout the entire experience.

When she’s not counting down the days until her trip, Aisha is an avid gymnast who enjoys participating in gymnastic classes at school. Her creativity spills out when she’s working on arts and crafts projects and painting with her favourite colours: pink, purple and white.

To cool her down in the Florida heat, Aisha is excited to delight in her go-to cold treat, cookie dough ice cream. She loves water parks and is excited to splash around the pool. She’s eager to meet her favourite theme park characters and ask them for tips on how they cool down in the warm climate.