Abigale, 9 (leukemia)   Abigale, 9 (leukemia)

I wish to go to Walt Disney World   I wish to go to Walt Disney World

It started with headaches, chest, and leg pains for nine-year-old Abigale. During a nap one day, Abigail awoke in a frenzy of pain and disorientation, wailing as her bones throbbed. Concerned about their daughter, Abigale’s parents raced to her side. Abigale didn’t recognize her mom or dad. Their concern quickly grew to alarm, and they rushed Abigale to a local children’s emergency hospital. After numerous tests and a bone marrow biopsy, Abigale was diagnosed with leukemia. Following her diagnosis, Abigale underwent an intensive chemotherapy treatment protocol. 
After two and a half years, Abigale proudly rang the Bell of Hope – a symbol and celebration of her perseverance through adversity. Today, Abigale is counting down the days until her wish comes true: to go to Walt Disney World® and become a princess! Abigale’s mom, Staci, shared, “She loves to tell her nurses and doctors how many more days are left until her wish and how excited she is.” She continued, “We anticipate having a truly magical time together as a family. We cannot wait to create everlasting memories!” For Abigale, enjoying a world outside of her illness and medical appointments will be life-changing.