Shailyne’s Story

Shailyne, age 17 (cancer)   Shailyne, age 17 (cancer)

I wish to have the ultimate Apple product package   I wish to have the ultimate Apple product package

Shailyne was your typical 17-year-old girl who binged all her favourite shows, listened to her favourite music, indulged in her favourite foods and enjoyed being creative with drawing and playing the ukulele. When Shailyne was 16, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She underwent four rounds of chemotherapy and had to overcome some very dark days. Juvelyn, Shailyne’s mom said, “at the time we found out about her illness, we were all devasted. Everything went dark, but through prayer, and positive thoughts, we knew that everything was going to be okay.”  

When Shailyne found out she was eligible for a wish, her family saw her smile more brightly than she had in a long time! Shailyne wish was for an ultimate Apple products package to help her unleash and develop her creativity through art and drawing. The iPad Pro 12 and all the accessories that she received were more than just items to Shailyne, they represented hope and joy for her future. 

“Making a wish is important to me and my family, as it gives us hope and happiness through the difficulties we are currently faced with.” 

– Shailyne, wish kid 

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