Éloïze’s Story

Éloïze, age 13 (kidney disease)   Éloïze, age 13 (kidney disease)

I wish to have a Pomeranian puppy   I wish to have a Pomeranian puppy

Éloïze is a courageous 13-year-old girl who inspires everyone around her. She has a passion for cooking, fashion and art. She is the youngest of three children and is already five times an aunt! When Éloïze was three years old, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease. She is still undergoing chemotherapy and is often hospitalized for several weeks a year.  

Initially, Éloïze wished to meet her favorite princesses, but due to COVID-19 her wish was delayed. She started thinking about what would bring her hope and joy. She soon discovered that a wish for a Pomeranian puppy would be everything that she wanted and more: a companion to play with, share her secrets and exchange lots of love. Thinking of her wish gave Éloïze the strength to feel better so she could care for her new puppy at home. Her wish came true when she welcomed home her new best friend, Dixie, just before Christmas.  

“As soon as Dixie arrived home, and she was put in my arms, my heart was filled with joy. We loved each other right away! Dixie has changed my life, and I do not feel alone anymore.’’ 

– Éloïze, wish child 

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