Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte, age 7 (cancer)   Charlotte, age 7 (cancer)

I wish to have a telescope   I wish to have a telescope

Charlotte is an extremely creative and inquisitive seven-year-old who loves learning about all things science, especially the solar system. She enjoys participating in Girl Guides and loves to go camping and play soccer. Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer just after her second birthday. Prior to her diagnosis she was experiencing an ongoing fever and a loss of appetite and her parents knew that something wasn’t quite right. Over the next two and a half years, Charlotte had many hospital visits (including multiple over-night stays), blood tests and chemotherapy. After overcoming all those obstacles and completing treatment, Charlotte got to “ring the bell” and was cancer free! 

Upon finding out Charlotte was going to be granted a wish, she started thinking about what would mean most to her. With her love for science and building things, her wish to receive the ultimate LEGO® kit and telescope was perfect! Since her wish coming true, Charlotte and her family have spent hours together mastering the art of LEGO® building, exploring the solar system all while creating great memories.  

“We, as a family, went through a lot when Charlotte underwent treatment. Seeing her wish come true and the smile that shines every time she starts a new LEGO® set or looks through her telescope, is truly amazing!”  

– Laura, Charlotte’s mom 

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