• 7 479 Wishes Granted
  • Get Involved Make A Difference.

  • A Game Room for Max

    Imagine being told that your child has less than a percent's chance of survival due to an immune system disorder.

  • Jillian's Hollywood adventure makes her feel like a star

    Jillian is a thoughtful teenager with a big heart. Her favourite activities are playing ringette, practicing the piano and saxophone, and reading and writing.

  • Sarina’s wish was the perfect distraction

    Sarina is a teenager with big dreams and the talent to make them a reality. Although she appears to be just like any other girl her age, Sarina is affected by a life-threatening seizure disorder.

  • Kalista's Wish Makes Her Smile Again

    Until the age of two-and-a-half, Kalista, who goes by Kali, was a very high-spirited child. She was always smiling, laughing, talking, and was very passionate about getting her message across.