• 7 479 Wishes Granted
  • Get Involved Make A Difference.

  • Kabrel becomes a racing champion

    Kabrel’s childhood hasn’t been as carefree as that of other kids he knows.

  • Sarina’s wish was the perfect distraction

    Sarina is a teenager with big dreams and the talent to make them a reality. Although she appears to be just like any other girl her age, Sarina is affected by a life-threatening seizure disorder.

  • Annie’s wish helped her share her inspiring story

    Annie is your typical teenager — she loves pop culture and has hobbies that range from performing folk music to training in Jiu Jitsu, and she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and love

  • Tanya Becomes a Beauty Vlogger

    Fifteen-year-old Tanya has a hematologic condition that prevents her from living an uncomplicated life like most children her age.