Chapter Wish Stories

  • Connolly joins the Winnipeg Jets

    Outgoing, inquisitive, intelligent, engaging, talkative – these are just a few words we’d use to describe Connolly, a 10-year old boy, who recently had his once-in-a-lifetime wish granted.

  • PJ's Wish To Be Prime Minister

    Prabjote, or ‘PJ’ as his friends call him, is a teenager with a passion for politics. In fact, he aspires to be Canada's prime minister someday.

  • Damien’s Prehistoric Discovery

    Name: Damien

    Age: 12 years old

  • Maya Pirouettes Into The Spotlight

    Name: Maya                          

    Age: 4 years old

    Illness: Leukemia

    Wish: To be a ballerina