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2013-11 to 2013-12

TORONTO, ON (November 25, 2013) –  The holiday season is upon us and many shoppers are gearing up to buy gifts and presents for friends and loved ones alike. With special days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday marked on our calendars, we can sometimes forget that there are others who are not as fortunate. This is where GivingTuesday comes in, and Make-A-Wish is proud to be a partner of such an exciting movement.
GivingTuesday is a new national movement being officially celebrated for the first time in Canada on December 3, 2013. The idea of GivingTuesday is dedicated to encourage people, charities and companies to mark the beginning of the holiday giving season and it allows for the celebration and encouragement of donating, volunteering and general acts of kindness. Make-A-Wish Canada and over 700 other organizations are partnered with GivingTuesday to spread its idea and message.
GivingTuesday originally began in 2012 within the United States; over 2,500 partners came together for the inaugural year. As a result, "online giving inceased from 50% year-on-year, based on data from Blackbaud, Network for Good, and DonorPerfect." Last year, Make-A-Wish Canada supported Giving Tuesday with some calls outs to fans and followers on ways to give back. This year, the organization will be continuoulsy sharing ideas on ways to give and give back leading up to and on GivingTuesday. As well, stay tuned for a special holiday "GIFT" that Make-A-Wish Canada will be giving back to its supporters later this week!
The best thing about GivingTuesday is that anyone and everyone can participate because it is a public movement that encourages regular people to go out and participate in any charity, any cause and any good-willed purpose.

                                    “We have two days that are good for the economy. Now we have a day that is good for the community too.

If you would like to find out more about helping to support the GivingTuesday movement please contact us at info@givingtuesday.ca.