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In honour of her 70th birthday in 2015, Jan participated in our national signature fundraising event, Rope for Hope, in Toronto.

Jan has been a longtime volunteer and supporter of Make-A-Wish. In 2017, she gave a gift of stock to Make-A-Wish and she hopes her story will inspire others to donate to help grant life-changing wishes to more children with critical illnesses.


Why I Support Make-A-Wish

“I met a number of people who were involved with Make-A-Wish and their stories were about incredibly brave kids enduring all sorts of pain and fear in their lives. Childhoods were taken from them because of their illnesses, but they were still capable of feeling joyful and optimistic. A wish helped remind them of that. I decided to become a volunteer wish granter to see for myself what a wish meant to a child and their family.

As a wish granter, I have helped grant 11 wishes for kids when they needed them most. The wish is a restorative process for the whole family. When you see this, you can’t help but get involved.”



Why I Gave a Gift of Stock

“Make-A-Wish truly focuses on delivering an incredible wish experience for kids and their families and I know that my donation is helping to fulfil its mission. Over the past few years, I’ve been doing more to plan for the future.

I know that when I’m gone, I want things to be as easy as possible for my kids. In order to have my wishes known and taken care of, I decided to give a gift of stock during my lifetime. I knew that this donation would give me a considerable income tax break which also made giving a gift of stock appealing to me.”


Taking the First Step with Stock Donation

“Making a gift of stock was easy. I contacted my broker and Make-A-Wish, completed some paperwork, and Make-A-Wish took care of everything from there. Shortly after the donation was complete, I received my charitable tax receipt.”

If you are considering making a donation to Make-A-Wish, there are many ways to give and donating stocks and securities is just one way. A gift of stock made sense for me and I would encourage others to consider it.

I made a commitment to myself years ago – to donate to charity every year and I decided to give to Make-A-Wish to help bring more joy to more families.”


Four Steps to Give the Gift of Stocks & Securities to Make-A-Wish

Step 1: Contact Make-A-Wish to receive the form Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities to Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Canada.

Visit makeawish.ca/waystogive or contact us at nationaloffice@makeawish.ca or 1.888.822.9474 ext. 6114.

Step 2: Complete the form above and send it to Make-A-Wish.

Step 3: Send the completed form to your broker.

Step 4: Your broker will initiate the trade and transfer of your gift of securities to Make-A-Wish Canada.

When you donate publicly-traded stocks and securities to Make-A-Wish, you will gain significant tax benefits. Seek professional advice before making a gift of stocks and securities, and for a full explanation of the tax benefits for you.