• 7 905 Wishes Granted


(Back row, left to right) Tom Jubb, Gary DesRoches, Sean Whittaker, Iain Loughran

(Front row, left to right) Wayne Davies, Joe Spiteri, Ronan Berry, Carman Charron, Nick Reeder, Andrew Dawes


We sat down with Wayne Davies, general manager of Torbram/City Electric Supply, to find out why he and his team support Make-A-Wish®.


1. Tell us about Torbram/City Electric Supply and your role within the organization.

“Torbram/City Electric Supply is part of a family-owned electrical wholesale business which started in the United Kingdom back in 1951. Over the years, the company grew, gaining a presence in the United States and then became Torbram Electric Supply here in Canada in 1991. After all these years, the company continues to offer flexible and tailored customer service. My role with the organization began in 1983 in the United Kingdom as a stores assistant.”


2. Why did Torbram/City Electric Supply want to partner with Make-A-Wish?

“We knew we wanted to focus on a charitable organization that assists children; so quite simply, we sent a survey off to our company associates with a few options and let them decide. The majority voted for Make-A-Wish.”


3. What is the most memorable initiative Torbram/City Electric Supply has worked on with Make-A-Wish to date? Why?

“That’s a tough one…there have been so many great campaigns over our two years of partnership, but I’d have to say the participation we had in Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope. Our staff really made this their own. We’re so proud of all the volunteers we had sign up for this energizing event.”


4. Why should others support Make-A-Wish?

“What is better than seeing happiness and joy on the face of a child when they get to experience the wish of their dreams? In the words of Curtis J. Bailey, ’You don’t receive until you give first.’”


5. What would your one true wish be?

“For all childhood illnesses to be eradicated.”


We thank Torbram/City Electric Supply for its generous involvement in our mission. Your heartfelt commitment to helping grant wishes to children with critical illnesses is greatly appreciated.