Financial Statements

Year in review

Creating HOPE in a difficult year

Our mission at Make-A-Wish is simple: to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. The children we serve are on an intense journey in their lives, and their families are doing everything that they can to help their children navigate through this journey.

The past year and all the complications that COVID-19 brought to our world made the struggles of families facing critical illnesses even more difficult. The global pandemic also made our mission of finding ways to grant hopeful, joyful wishes more important than ever before. In what felt like a dark year for so many reasons, we had shining moments here at Make-A-Wish Canada.

Our bold strategy of unification with the Children’s Wish Foundation to become Canada’s largest wish-granting organization under the Make-A-Wish name has made us a more cohesive and effective organization—we have shown great leadership in the charitable sector as to how things can be done even when times are as unusual as they have been.

Donations to our cause—like so many in the charitable giving space—took a drastic hit through our past financial year. Despite a 30 percent revenue shortfall in 2020 and thousands of wishes now waiting to be granted, we were able to reimagine how we could grant wishes in an existence full of restrictions, and deliver hope, strength, and joy from coast to coast to coast. Amidst a period of significant change and an era of physical silos where staff across Canada have had to work from home, we continue to prioritize efforts to build an organizational culture the likes of which all of us here in “wish world” feel a part of, and of which we can be proud.

At the heart of the successes in the past year, we have the donors to thank. Make-A-Wish reliescompletely on the generosity of others to fund the granting of life-changing wishes. We are also grateful for the volunteers. From our “wish granters” who work directly with wish families (though ‘virtually’ in this past year), to our board members helping to steer our ship at local and national levels, we owe them many thanks for their commitment. It was with their steadfast support that 1,000 heartfelt wishes were granted across Canada in 2020, and it is with their support that we will go on to grant the thousands of wishes now waiting to be granted.

On behalf of all of my colleagues on the Make-A-Wish Canada board, thank you once again for your support and belief in the important work of Make-A-Wish.

Michele Augert
Chairperson, Make-A-Wish Canada National Board